NameSami-Matti Trogen
Place of residenceLohja
ProfessionSecondary school student
TrainingFlying Finn Academy
TeamFord Motorcraft
SeriesFinnish Rally Championship
CarFord Fiesta R2
Esports teamWilliams Esport
Esports seriesiRacing RX World Championship
Esports carSubaru WRX STI Supercar
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Sami-Matti Trogen started his racing career in 2013 in Crosskart series, which is raced in Finland together with Finnish Rallicross Championship series.

When Sami-Matti started racing, he was the youngest driver of the series being only 10 years old. He achieved many podiums and wins already at the beginning of his career.

Two years later, being only 12 years old, he changed to race with a real rallycross car, being exceptionally young to do that. Already next year Sami-Matti won the juniors’ championship in Estonian Rallycross series. He also made history in Hungary in his first race of Rallycross European Challenge series, being the youngest ever winning the race in that series.

Sami-Matti is a really determined and motivated athlete. He does physical training daily and develops his driving skills in many ways, for example by driving simulators. In addition to natural born talent, constant training and determination to become professional are Sami-Matti’s strengths.

Since the beginning of his career, Sami-Matti’s goal has been to become a professional driver in motorsports.

In 2017 he made a contract with Set Promotion team to participate in RX Academy series, which was a new rallycross series driven in Finland. The same year he also made a contract with Koiranen GP for Formula 4 NEZ and Formula 4 Spain series.

New sport was challenging to Sami-Matti but at the same time really educating. During the season he took part in multiple tests and raced in a total of 12 formula 4 races and two rallycross races, where he placed second in both.

During his first season in formula 4 he placed to podium three times, and in the end, he was 9th in the series. Podium positions, dashing overtakes, fast adaptability and passion for driving convinced the professionals that Sami-Matti became one of Finland’s most promising drivers.

In 2018 Sami-Matti was chosen to be part of Flying Finn Academy that is a coaching group and the national junior team of Finnish Motorsport Federation AKK, of which goal is to take drivers towards the highest level of motorsports. He also made a contract with Set Promotion for three series. RX Academy On Ice series consisted of four races in Sweden and Norway, where Trogen placed 4th of the series.

The main goal of the season 2018, RX Academy series had six races in Sweden and Finland. In this series he won the championship and got a significant support for the season of 2019.

In RX2 series, which is raced together with World Rallycross Championships, he drove six races in 2018. The best placement was made in Frances Loheac, where Sami-Matti placed on second place. In 2019 he drove the complete RX2 Championship. During the season he was able to drive himself to the podium a couple of times and eventually ended fifth in the final points.

In 2019 Sami-Matti started his driving career also on Esport world when he got a wild card to iRacing Rallycross World Championship, in which he competed for SET Esports with Subaru WRX STI Supercar, having another Finn Joni Heikkinen as his teammate. On his rookie year, he was able to make history by winning the Championship and receiving the 2019 iRacing RX World Champion title.

In 2020 Sami-Matti will compete in rally, in the Finnish Rally Championship in FRC3 class with Ford Fiesta R2 rally car. In addition to rallies, he will also compete in eSports as the official driver of Williams Esport.