If Sami-Matti Trogen would be asked what is the highlight of his ”little supercar” career, the answer would be Canada!

RX2 series, which runs in conjunction with the World Rallycross Championships, continued last weekend in Canada. The 16-year-old man drove the best result of his career, when he finally made it to finals and ended up placing 5th.

On Saturday two heats were driven, and after those Set Promotion team representer Sami-Matti was in 7th place, having issues with starts with his new car. Despite all this a twinkle in his eye and and the belief of success was exhaling from the teenager from morning to night and from a start to another.

- In the first start the car shutted down to the line, but the speed was okay. A car driving in front of me broke a tire and I didn’t manage to get past him, and at the end we had a little contact, which caused me a broken lower arm.

In the second start I had problems with start too, but the track speed was on a good level. For Sunday we are going to adjust the car so the start would be easier and I believe that then we will have good results. Quite a good feeling left out of this day, Sami-Matti wraps up the Saturday.

The morning in Canada starts sunny and warm, and there was no threat of rain. At the end Sunday ended up being one of Sami-Matti’s fast-paced careers finest days.

- In the third heat the start was okay and the changes helped. In the speedup we were all so close that we all hit together and of course I got something happening to my front end. The car didn’t turn right to the right, it went all the time to left, but still I managed to win my heat. In the last heat everything went really great, the jokerlap technique worked and I rose to victory.

- In the semifinal I again got a worse start and I fell to fourth place. I went to jokerlap and then I got all out of myself and the car. I managed to drive the fastest time of the semifinals and rose to third place, so I drove myself to finals. The place in finals, which was set as a target, was now reached for the first time in RX2 series.

When the lights went off everyone speeded up towards first curves, and Sami-Matti, who started from the back of the line managed fastly to pass a contestant. However, the dreamed top three placement remained for the future when a brave passing try ended up fatally. Sami-Matti tried to rise to fourth place hitting a car beside him and bouncing straight to a tirewall. The car was in a running condition but time went by and others managed to run off. Sami-Matti fought himself to chequered flag, and the best placement at this level was in the pocket.

- As I went to the final I had a great feeling and I invested to have a good start. It worked, but after that it was really tight. I hit a betonwall with a little help of two contestants, and my steering wheel went oblique. Then I had a situation when I looked that there was a hole where I can fit to go, but the space ran out of the way. Retrospectively I would had to raise my foot from the gas. I ended up having a great feeling of the weekend although the crash at the final was little upsetting. I need to find smoothness to starts, but I’m satisfied with the track speed. This is good to continue with to next weekends competition, Sami-Matti tells.

Next Sami-Matti is going to compete in Finland, when RX Academy’s seasons next competition will be driven in Jalasjärvi, at the 11th of October. Sami-Matti is now in second place of the series, six points away from the leading Polish driver Oskar Leitgeberg. As a target Sami-Matti has to claim his first win of the season and rise to the first place of the series. After Jalasjärvi RX Academy will be racing in Kouvola, at the end of October and the culmination of the series will be competed in Sweden