During this week Sami-Matti drives three different racecars

Busy race season continues on this sunday. FinRX’s second competition will be droven at Kauhajoki.

- It is very nice to get to drive again with Crosskart Xtreme car. My only goal for sunday is to drive good race, I’ll relax and enjoy. Says Sami-Matti on a summer cottages dock.

In previous FinRX’s competition Sami-Matti finished to second place. The race was Sami-Matti’s first competition with Crosskart Xtreme car.

- During this week I have been droven in RX2 series which was held in Höljes and a test with Formula Renault which was held in France and now with rt art Crosskart in Finland.

- It is not a big deal, it’s good to get some kilometers - Sami-Matti joys