Long wait is rewarded

- When Sami-Matti first time sat on racing car, me and many people from our support group noticed that young boy has such a talent that we want to see where it can lead to. Sami-Matti himself wanted to race, have fun on track and compete. We decided that passion he has towards racing needs to be rewarded with all possible support so we started to work for his future, father Mika Trogen remembers.

Sami-Matti had his 1st competition abroad, in Estonian Rallycross-series, when he was 13-years old. Next season he was champion in Estonian Junior series and won his first ever European Challenge series race. It was a huge disappointment when FIA decided that Sami-Matti is too young and he had to stop European series. Last season Sami-Matti raced in two different F4-series so there was a lot of races and travelling. He achieved two podium positions during that time.

Decisions had to be made during last autumn and formula series was put on hold and focus set back on rallycross. After negotiations Sami-Matti got a chance to race in RX2-series and transfer is made easier by familiar team, Set Promotions, which Sami-Matti knows from Estonian series.

Rallycross world championship series and thus also RX2-series was already started in Belgium but Sami-Matti did not participate in that one.

- I had my 16th birthday on Sunday during Belgium race weekend. We checked whether it would be possible to get license for the weekend but got a negative decision. That's why i missed first race weekend, tells Sami-Matti.

Preparation for the first RX2-series competition has started with tests.

- I had my first chance to test RX2 car already on 2016. Totally i have had four days of tests and one start up practice during the spring. I believe it is enough because all felt well and my speed was good. Driving style is pretty similar to front-wheel drive and you need to steer car precisely and nicely. Corners can be driven quite a lot faster as car is four-wheel drive and has over 300bhp.

Dreams come true during upcoming weekend as Sami-Matti will compete on world championship rallycross series, as a youngest driver. Years of waiting is rewarded.

- I will go there with high spirits and see what is my speed in such a high level race. I expect good and tough competition and my goal is to reach a final, Sami-Matti summarizes.

Racing in Silverstone England starts on Saturday when first heats are competed. Semi-finals and finals are held on Sunday. YLE Finland shows races live at TV2 on Sunday starting 16.00