Mental- and physical trainer Tomas Siltanen from Karjaa and young racing talent Sami-Matti Trogen have made co-operation contract for the season of 2018.

Tomas Siltanen is an experienced trainer among athletes aiming to the top level in motorsports. Aaro Vainio, Miki Weckström, Tuomas Tujula and Joni Wiman are some of his clients during the past years.

Mental training in motorsports. What is that all about?

Mental training makes a difference when there is no major difference in talent level between different athletes. Individual meetings and building a 100% trust are basis for mental training.

- You will use your imagination to project your goals during the training. Your thoughts and feelings help you to create internal visual and emotional image of what you want to achieve. Use all of your senses to feel your targets and make it as an achieved truth, tells Tomas Siltanen.

Just 15-years old motorsport talent Sami-Matti Trogen has built very convincing career towards professionalism despite of his young age. Path is not easy as financial pressures, physical condition, handling wins and losses and other side-effects bring day-to-day troubles.

- I have met Tomas just few times but from my opinion things have proceeded well. Maybe the biggest learning so far has been that i need to enjoy driving and not only think about the results, tells Sami-Matti Trogen.

Season 2017 was very demanding for Sami-Matti due to challenges in new series. Moving from Rallycross to Formula without any experience from track racing or go-karts was not an easy one. On the other hand it showed Sami-Matti's bravery and maturity as an athlete.

Season 2018 will be very demanding as well. RX2 Supercar Lite class driven among Rallycross World Championship won't be an easy one for youngest driver in the series if attitude towards racing is not correct. Thus this is good time to focus on mental training and that is the aim of co-operation with Tomas Siltanen.

- Sami-Matti is very motivated to improve his career and is very mature for his age. I have had chance to follow Sami-Matti's driving earlier and it is clear that he likes what he is doing. It is a privilege to be part of his team and train him to have a good balance in life inside and out of racing tracks.