Sami-Matti drove to second place after thrilling stages in Kouvola

Sami-Matti Trogen drove his careers second rally with his co-driver Mikko Lagerström placing on second place. The ending of the race became dramatic, when the Renault started to act up during the last stage, and the duo had to stress about getting to the finishing line until the last meters.

The rally was driven together with a general Finnish Rally Championship, so the juniors started to race in the halfway of the event. Trogen and Lagerström planned to take it easy and bring up the speed during the race.

The starting stage had 26 kilometers of length, so juniors' driving skills were immediately tested. Trogen took the stage carefully without any risks and the placement was 7th after the first stage.

- We took the start without risks. There was a lot of slush and the route was a bit worn out, I had to be careful to stay on the road, Trogen told.

During the next stages the duo improved their speed and the placement improved to 5th place. After the break they drove two stages and Trogen timed his attack to these stages. The placemed improved to third place before the last, 28 kilometers long stage.

- During the break we planned to take a bit more risks and bring up the speed. We also agreed not to look at the results, we'll just go for it.

In the last stage Trogen drove the second best time of his class and rised to second place, with only a difference of 2,1 seconds to the winner. The most dramatic times of the day were happening at this point, the stress about getting to the finishing line started already during the stage.

- For the whole stage the charging light was on and the car lacked speed, but the attack was succesfull, Lagerström told after the last stage.

- We had droven like five kilometers when I felt that the car is giving up its speed. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but luckily the light went off and we drove to the finish and there we were assured that the charger was broken. It was a great day, thanks for the whole team, Trogen ends.