Sami-Matti Trogen fifth in his eFC debut

Sami-Matti Trogen drove fifth in the Sim Racing eFC competition in Jyväskylä. Matti Kaidesoja, the champion of 2018, was able to renew his win. The competition was held at the world class event, Neste Rally Finland, which is the Finnish round the World Rally Championship. Trogen, who is competing in SET Esport Team, was able to improve his speed during the day, and he reached his best phase in the final.

The day included three competition and two qualifying sessions. The first start was around noon when 20 drivers, selected from the trials, rushed to the circuit of Mid-Ohio, US. The group travelled around the world, whereas the next race was competed on the old continent in Silverstone.

- My driving has gone ok; I’m missing some speed in the qualifying sessions though. On every start I have dropped and needed to fight my better positions. It’s a bit different set up here than at home, usually you are alone and now there is 19 others just next to you. The atmosphere is great, says Trogen.

On the afternoon the group prepared their selves for the final, which was driven at the well-known race circuit of Suzuka. Trogen started from the position ten.

- I need to get more speed, few tenths or even half a second per lap. The starting position is not the best one, hopefully nothing will happen at the start. The equipment with which I’m driving here is a bit weird and requires some adjustment, but quite quickly it started to work for me.

At the start there were crashes, but the wheel master Trogen was able to avoid the clatter. On the first lap he span, thanks to his competitor and dropped few positions, so it was a hard way to go back. Still, Trogen was able to overtake his competing fellows one by one. Debutant Trogen got himself eventually to the fifth position within the best Finnish simulator drivers.

- We drove the final in colder weather, and I had practiced with the set suitable for that, which gave me comparatively more speed. I think the circuit and the weather suited me well as I did less mistakes. We have most probably the hardest championship in the world, the best drivers in Finland are also ones of the best drivers in the world, this is why I must be happy with my result. Next year we try to do better, sums up Trogen.

Final results:

1) Matti Kaidesoja 1:41.095
2) Joni Heikkinen +11.198
3) Tuomas Tähtelä +13.300
4) Riku Alatalo +13.816
5) Sami-Matti Trogen +29.374

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