Sami-Matti Trogen is involved in making finnish motorsports history

Sami-Matti Trogen has been chosen to become The Finnish Olympic Committees support athlete. The choice was made public today in Sokos Hotel President.

16 year old Trogen is one of the five selected motorsport athletes, and he is involved in writing history when this is the first time that a motorsport athelte will be chosen to be part of Olympic Comittees elite sports unit.

- This is a huge honour for the motorsport career I have build, it is great to become one of finnish top atheletes. This is going to help me on my journey towards the top of motorsports. Motorsport atheletes have never before been chosen to become Olympic Committees support athletes, even though finnish drivers have always been fighting for wins regardless of the sport. I promise for my part to continue my work according to these values and I’m going to work hard for my career in future also, Trogen rejoices.

In the press conference was also announced about AKK’s and The Finnish Olympic Committees handshake, motorsports will become even more condensed part of finnish elite sports system.

- The cooperation will be started with a support to increase resources of coaching, enabling better conditions for individual coaching. The support will target especially to AKK Driver Academy, which is AKK’s top national team. In this motorsports top training program belongs five motorsport atheletes, who will at the same time become the first ever support athletes for Olympic Committee, when it comes to motorsports, AKK’s coaching manager Tuomo Nikkola tells.