Sami-Matti Trogen ready to pursue success in 2019 – agreements have been signed

Sami-Matti has signed an agreement to compete in RX2-series that will be competed with World RX Championship. In addition, Trogen and Jussi Pinomäki have made a manager agreement to get professional support for his career. The young driver is ready for the 2019 season with goal of succeeding.

On the 2018 season Trogen drove incomplete season in RX2-series. However, in the end of the season he was able to get himself three times to the finals and one led him all the way to podium. Main goal of the season was RX Academy, in which he won and became the champion with a remarkable endorsement for 2019 season. What is more, he was chosen to become one of the supported athletes of Finnish Olympic Committee as well as one of the athletes of A-team of Flying Finn Academy, which is the Finnish national junior team of motorsport.

Trogen is ready to aim for success in RX2-series, which is driven with a four-wheel-drive Supercar Lite car:

- Year 2018 was remarkable for me. The win of RX Academy opened gates for upcoming season and I’m extremely happy to compete in RX2-series, which will be driven together with World RX Championship. Being one of the supported athletes of Finnish Olympic Committee, and a Flying Finn Academy athlete, gives extra value for building my career. Last year we were practicing RX2 and now we will be ready show what we have learnt.

During the Winter Trogen has been active. He has trained physics actively with the national junior team as well as with his physical coach Juha Koivunporras. Driving practice he has done with simulator and by participating in two rallies of Finnish Junior Rally Championship. In the latest rally he ended up being second. In only few weeks will start the first tests of rallycross in Germany.

- I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. The level will for sure be very high and there will be lots of travelling around the world. My goal is to be in the top three and at the same time compete for the win in each event,tells Trogen.

Long-term co-operation led to signing a manager agreement

Jussi Pinomäki is working as a Team manager in World RX. Also, he has created RX Academy that was launched in 2017. Pinomäki is a longtime rallycross professional and his team is a nine-time European Champion. With his own car he has been three times a European Champion.

The cooperation of Sami-Matti Trogen and Jussi Pinomäki started in 2014. At that time Trogen signed an agreement with Set Promotion team to compete in Rallycross Challenge Europe series. He won the first competition in Hungary and made history by being the youngest ever to win.

- Of course, it’s interesting and motivating to deepen the cooperation with Sami-Matti. We have worked together already for several years, but now we will continue even stronger and determined towards his goals and dreams. Still we will keep calmness in our work. We go year by year and try to get level of every-day-doing to the level of a professional athlete to be able get performance at tracks even better, tells manager Pinomäki.

- Sami-Matti has got all the possibilities of becoming a World Champion one day, but it will of course require loads and loads of work and sacrifices. I wouldn’t be here though, if I didn’t believe it’spossiblet, Pinomäki continues.

- For me the manager agreement is one of the most remarkable steps on my way towards professionalism. Jussi is the best co-operative with his long history, experience and network to support my career, says Trogen.

Set Promotion has launched Esport team – Sami-Matti joins the team

Sami-Matti has driven actively with simulators as part of his training for few years and now he was signed to be one of the drivers in SET Esport -team. During the season the team will participate in iRacing World Rallycross Championship. Sami-Matti will be competing in the series with a wild card. The other driver of the team is Joni Heikkinen, who finished second last year in the World Championship.

- I have driven few years with simulator almost daily and to be honest whenever I have spare time. I like Esport world a lot and I have noticed it’s the future. I believe that exciting competitions and for example TV production possibilities – thanks to modern IT solutions – will make the Esport the thing of the future. Esport has actually already hit itself through in many places, Trogen opens the subject.

- This is exciting time for the team because we have entered completely new world for us. We are proud to be the first ever rallycross team in World RX Championship, who has founded an Esport team. And what is more, we have got two great drivers in the team, Pinomäki ends.

RX2 calendar includes in total of seven competitions. Season starts on 27thof April in Barcelona. In the calendar of Esport there will be in total of even eleven competitions.

2019 RX2 calendar
27.4. Barcelona, Spain
11.5. Spa, Belgium
25.5. Silverstone, UK
15.6. Hell, Norway
6.7. Holjes, Sweden
31.8. Loheac, France
9.11. Killarney, South Africa

2019 iRacing Rallycross World Championship calendar
21.6. Daytona
28.6. Lucas Oil Raceway
19.7. Sonoma Rallycross
26.7. Phoenix Raceway
9.8. Iowa Speedway
16.8. Daytona
30.8. Lucas Oil Raceway
13.9. Sonoma
4.10. Iowa
11.10. Phoenix
25.10. Daytona