Sami-Matti Trogen visited formulas – result: win and second place

Usually competing in the international rallycross series, RX2, this time Sami-Matti Trogen did a surprising come back to F4-cars as he attended Finnish Racing Championship race event and took part in Formula Academy Finland series 7th– 9thof June. From the very first moments he had a good phase, took pole from qualifying and speeded himself to the first win of his formula career. In the second race of the weekend Trogen was second.

At the Ahvenisto race circuit Formula Academy Finland series had in total of two races. On Friday there was a practice day before real action started. Trogen showed his adaptability and was second fastest already on the free practices, but then faced unexpected problems.

- Temperature raised suddenly over 100 degrees and I noticed the car wasn’t able to go as it was supposed to go, so I stopped the car at the pitlane to avoid possible harm on the car. Team took a proper look on the car and fixed it over the night, Trogen explained.

On Saturday it was time for qualifying. Trogen was the quickest and got pole for the first race. On the race he had a great start and was first to reach first corners of the tricky Ahvenisto. Trogen was instantly able to increase the gap to Markus Laitala, who was second.

The race was in total of 25 minutes plus one lap. In the middle of the race there was a slower driver ahead and Trogen wasn’t able to overtook him. Laitala reached him, but Trogen speeded up again and got himself a clear win when passing chequered flag.

- It was good but tough race as it was so hot. I needed to slow down at some point because of the slower driver, but still I’m feeling great because of the result!

The second race was driven on Sunday, and as Trogen had driven fastest lap on the first race he was entitled for pole position also on the second race. This time the start didn’t go so well, tires were spinning for a moment and Markus Laitala was able to pass him. This order was kept until the halfway of the race. Signs were predicting a real fight for the win, but eventually Trogen ended second.

- I was able to stick right behind Laitala, but I just couldn’t overtake and eventually also temperature was rising higher. Still I’m very happy about the weekend and I want to thank everybody who made this possible, especially LVI-Säätö M. Kanninen, and also Marko Koiranen as well as the whole team. It was great to be part of this racing family again. They welcomed me well, like I arrived back home. Maybe one day I will race again, Trogen ends.