Sami-Matti Trogen will fight back at the arena of his RX2 debut – “Fourth isn’t enough anymore!”

Rallycross RX2 Championship will continue on upcoming weekend at the Silverstone Circuit in England. Sami Matti Trogen who recently turned 17, drove last year at the Silverstone circuit his debut with a four-wheel-drive, and is now ready with one year more experience to fight for podium. In the total points of the RX2 Trogen is fourth after first two rounds.

In both of the previous competitions in the SET Promotion Team driving Trogen has had the same pattern, the further the competition goes the faster he gets. The pattern has led him to result of two finals and two times fourth position. In Silverstone Trogen will hunt for better result.

- Barcelona and Spa were quite ok, they could have gone better though. In both cases the first day was bad. In Spain I started with roll and in Belgium we had lots of minor issues. The Sunday of Spa went well, and it left me with good feeling. In the semi-finals I drove one of the fastest lap times, then in the final I had puncture on the second last lap while checking for place to overtake. This episode left me some speed in my storage that I will definitely let out in England, Trogen sums up the beginning of the season.

Last weekend Trogen went to drive with crosskart in Kouvola to get rid of the last rusts from his wrists. The legendary circuit of Silverstone is already familiar to Trogen.

- In Silverstone the starting position doesn’t play that big role compared to Spa as the first turn is more spacious, important it is still though. I would rather have some other starting place this time, now lottery has given me the worst place five times out of eight. With Supercar Lite the difference comes from reactions, because we all know how to start. Auto won’t stay caught, it’s simply clutch up and go. I hope for a solid race and podium position, ends Trogen.

In the Silverstone race weekend three qualifications will be driven on Saturday, then on Sunday there will be one qualification, semi-finals and the final.