Sami-Matti Trogen wins RX Academy Championship 2018

RX Academy’s season ended to Sami-Matti Trogens championship celebration in a hospital, when his car crashed fiercely in Tierps track, which was in a very poor condition during the last start of the season. Trogen was taken in to hospital for further research, where the young man tells he is alright.

Trogen dominated the series during the last three races. Two of the previous races ended up to win, and Trogen started the race in Sweden with the lead of the series. The championship of RX Academy was almost his before the final, the fastest man of heats was also fastest in semifinal. His big dream was about to flame out in the second lap of the final.

Trogen started to final from pole position, but already in the first curve he got into a crash and dropped to fourth place, but he determinedly started to increase his position. The crash in the start didn’t undermine the young man, but driving became dangerous in Trieps poor condition track.

- I had a lot of speed when I came to a jump, and then the back of the car rose to the air and the beak of the car bit to ground. I didn’t even have time to realise what was happening, I just thought that this can’t be real. What happened after that crash will remain forever in my mind. The car was smoking in the track and somewhere from the smoke there became helping hands, my fellow competitors had stopped to the track to help me, touched Trogen tells.

The season with RX Academy is now over, and Trogen reached his target. In races driven in Höljes and Honkajoki Trogen was second, the first win came from Jalasjärvi and with the confidence of that he rised to the podium in Kouvola also.

To the last race held in Swedens Tierp Trogen went with six points lead of the polish Oskar Leitgeber. Before the final Trogen had grown his lead with one point, which meant that if Leitgeber would win the final, Trogen can’t be last. Then dramatic things began. The final was stopped because of Trogens crash, and it wasn’t renovated. At the moment of suspension Trogen was on 4th place and the only threatener Leitgeber was in third place. At the end this was the official result, so the championship win went to Finland with Sami-Matti Trogen.

- Everything went as planned despite the ending. The speed was good and the Set Promotion team worked finely during the whole weekend, as during the whole season. The championship win feels really good, and one big step has now been taken.

- I am also in a good condition, it doesn’t hurt anywere else but, hmm, my butt. I want to relay huge thanks to everyone, I have gotten lots of congratulations. I want to thank every supporter and my team. And also thanks to the most important, my family, Trogen ends.

The season isn’t over yet, there is one race remaining. The World RX series and at the same time RX2-series will drive its last race in South-Africa at the end of the November.

Photo: Tonigraphs