Sami-Mattis five years with motorsports

Cars have been important for me since a young age.

Everything started in the fall of 2012, when I was watching a rallycross race in Finland. I was 10 years old then. I was watching the race with my dad, when we noticed that Crosskart 125 cars were starting to race. Those cars were driven by drivers around my age.

At the same years christmas a huge surprise was waiting for me. I got my own Crosskart 125 car as a christmas gift. Right away I got behind the wheel and it was really fun. As a side comment, the car was delivered for us by my current team Set Promotion. I drived with the car in my home yard for a week, but then I got annoyed that the car didn’t have as much speed as I would have wanted. My dad had a look of it and he told me that when you pull this lever, the car will go faster. It was the gearstick.

Right at the beginning of next year I took part to the first race of my life in Hyvinkää. It was a Crosskart competition driven in an icetrack. I was second in the competition and it felt amazing. From this my story started speedly.

During the season of 2013 I raced with Crosskart in the Finnish Rallycross Championship series and in the end I placed 6th in the series. During the next season I continued in the same series and I finished with a silver medal. During season 2015 I continued with Crosskart in the same series, but also drived in Estonias Junior Super1600 series. Then I finished the Crosskart series again with a silver medal and in Estonia my final placement was 4th.

During the season of 2016 I achieved my first championship win in Estonias Super1600 series. I also drived two races of Rallycross Challenge Europe series, where I made history in Hungary, by being youngest ever race winner in that series. In the next race in Lithuania I was second.

For the season of 2017 I moved to a new sport. I took part in SMP Formula 4 NEZ Championship series with a Formula 4 car. There I drived to podium couple of times and I ended up placing 9th in the series. I also drived two races of RX Academy during the season, being second in both.

For the season of 2018 I moved back to rallycross, driving in RX Academy and RX2 series. Also I was chosen to be part of the AKK Driver Academy, and I also drived four races in Crosscart Xtreme series, where in two races I drived to podium. During the season in RX Academy I won three races and was second twice, and I ended up winning the championship of RX Academy. The RX2 series is still unfinished, but already during this season I have achieved two places in final and in the second of them in France I ended up rising to the podium.

I have raced for almost five years now, and these years have included many different kinds of series and races. Next year I will continue the RX2 series as a price of the win of RX Academy, but possibly I will do some races in other series too.